Amarillo, crochet shawl front cowl pattern

Amarillo – THE fringed cowl - shawl hybrid you didn't know you needed!

Quite a while back, I started working on a collection of crochet pieces to represent my daily life: Great Plains– Crocheting my land, the Texas Panhandle.
Amarillo. Yes, where you can get a free 72oz steak, see Cadillac Ranch and, on occasion, hear that great song by George Strait… it is my home.

I chose this particular piece to give the name ‘Amarillo’ because here, we are a little bit country & a little bit city. With a growing population of 201k, it is certainly a city (we even have “traffic”, now). As for a little bit country, on pretty much every outing you are certain to see a cowboy in spurs and it is not uncommon for horses to be “parked” at the Dairy Queen.

The fringed, bandana styling is a nod to our western style while the buttoned, cowl construction is chic and modern.

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The Amarillo is written for One Size; it truly fits all sizes teenadult.
{See Finished Measurements below}
◊ pdf includes Schematic

the skills you need

The stitching ability you need for creating the Amarillo is beginner level. A stacked dc may be a new stitch to you, but if you can sc, you can make this. And yup, I’ve made a video tutorial for ya! This truly is a beginner friendly pattern!

  • understanding of gauge (read this to learn why & how to)
  • experience reading a pattern
  • ability to read a pattern with minimal -or- no photovideo tutorials
  • understanding of the use of asterisk(s)parenthesesbrackets
  • basic stitchesstitch combinations
  • sewing on buttons
  • adding fringe (optional)
This shawl begins in my favorite way– with the amazing adjustable ring│magic loop {see VideoPicture tutorial}. I love starting the shawl shaping in this way because it makes for a very clean point. 

adjustable ring – stacked double – double  – chain – single – half double – fringe – sew buttons

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Beyond the not-yet-complete Great Plains Collection, this pattern for the Amarillo crochet cowl is one of many. 
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Amarillo crochet cowl pattern

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Amarillo crochet cowl pattern

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Lady wearing canutt cowl and white sweater

Amarillo crochet cowl pattern

amarillo cowl yarn│Substitutions

The yarn used for the sample shown has been discontinued. I haven’t been able to find a yarn that is exactly the same as the silk used in the sample, but there are a few yarns that I think would work beautifully for the Amarillo.

Scheepjes Terrazzo

LoveCrafts website
  • #3 Light
  • 70% Wool 30% Viscose

Rico Creative Lazy Hazy Summer Cotton DK

LoveCrafts website
  • #3 Light
  • 49% Cotton 46% Acrylic 5% Polyester

Woolen Cotton

WeCrochet website
  • #3 Light
  • 50% Merino Wool 40% Pima Cotton

If you are wanting a cowl that is more of a cooler-weather piece, here are a few yarns to try

Juniper Moon Farm Patagonia (LoveCrafts)

WeCrochet City Tweed (WeCrochet)

*affiliate links

More patterns that use dk weight yarn

Amarillo crochet cowl pattern

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Getting started

Ya’ll know how I feel about making gauge swatches.
Make them.
However, for this cowl, gauge is not crucial to your project. With that said, I still highly recommend you create a swatch with the yarn and hook you intend to use for your mitts to make sure you will be happy with the denseness of the fabric it will create and will result in size intended.

This is especially important if you are using a differing yarn weight than suggested. 

But also, because I know most people aren’t going to make a swatch (I see you! 👀 ) and I want you to be successful in your yarny endeavors, I’ve built an easy gauge swatch into the pattern. 

Since we’re having the dreaded swatch talk, go ahead and grab this helpful worksheet I created for you to use on your next project– when making a gauge swatch will be a big deal. Save this worksheet to your digital notebook or print a few of these off if you’re a paper planner person. 
This will make the swatch process easier and more enjoyable. I created this FREE worksheet as an easy way to figure out gauge, it’s especially helpful if you’re new and still learning all the ways to be successful with your crochet. This worksheet organizes your stitching information and the fill-in-the-blanks makes the math stress free.

Blocking Worksheet 

the pattern


A free crochet pattern, by Rebecca Velasquez

Model in red dress and fringed crochet cowl holding a chicken.

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whats in a download?

This post for the beginner friendly, easy, Amarillo crochet cowl pattern has complete directions – or – you can further support Revel Crochet (& me!) and purchase the pattern as a download.

Upon purchase of the Amarillo cowl crochet pattern download, you will receive

  • AD-FREE pdf, formatted for printing and optimized for tablet│digital use
  • WRITTEN PATTERN – fully written, line by line instruction (English, US terminology with imperial and metric measurements)
  • STITCH DIAGRAMS – complete illustration(s) of stitches│placement
  • SCHEMATIC – illustration(s) of shape│measurements│construction graphics*
  • ILLUSTRATIONS – drawn graphics of special stitches*
  • SIZING│EASE CHARTS – tables to quickly determine sizing options*
  • TUTORIALS – picture│written│video instruction for specialty stitches│techniques*
  • INTERACTIVE – document internally linked throughout as well as to additional external resource information

*where applicable

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Amarillo crochet cowl pattern

Project Level



adjustable ring – stacked double {video tutorial} – double  – chain – single – half double – fringe – sew buttons

Finished MEasurements

CIRCUMFERENCE 31” [79 cm]; after light blocking

DEPTH (front center point) 24” [61 cm]; after light blocking

materials & tools

YARN #3│light│dk weight

amount totals* 375 yd [342 m]

shown Fiddlesticks Knitting Silk Sensation (discontinued {see Yarn Substitution Notes above}), (100% silk; 125 yd [114 m]│1.76 oz [50 g]), 3 balls; oatmeal

*Amount given is for cowl as shown│written (including fringe). Yardage will vary with any alterations of pattern.

HOOK G [4.25 mm]; or size needed to obtain gauge (exact hook used– Boye, Aluminum 4.25)

NOTIONS yarn needle, removable stitch markers (3)

For a complete list of all the tools & supplies I use, find it HERE (my Amazon storefront).

Amarillo crochet cowl pattern


12 sts and 8 rows = 4” [10 cm] in stitch pattern after light blocking

Young lady in red dress modeling the Amarillo crochet cowl.

amarillo crochet cowl pattern



Cowl is worked flat, turning after every row; stitched from bottom up, buttons are then sewn on and fringe added.
◊ pdf provides Schematic and Stitch Diagrams


  • Pattern is written in US terms with imperial and metric measurements.
  • Yarn amount given is for cowl as shown│written. Yardage [m] will vary with any alterations of pattern.
  • Read through each line before beginning to avoid any confusion during stitching.
  • See Special Stitches instruction {below}, and Tutorial(s) as needed.
  • The Special Stitches instructions‭ ‬are detailed, written directions on how to complete specialty stitches as worked within this pattern.

◊ pdf provides stitch diagrams for exact stitch│button│fringe placement and illustrations of stitches when needed


  • Gauge information is given in Details {above}; as well as within the pattern; verify that project measurements match given measurements.
  • Although precise gauge is not crucial for this project, any deviation from gauge given will vary the size of cowl created and the amount(s) of yarn used.
  • It is always recommended to make a swatch; using same yarn as intended for cowl; stitch, wash, and block a gauge swatch in the same manner you will be using for your cowl to ensure fabric created is as desired and will result in proper measurements│size intended {refer to Swatch Guide for basics on proper swatch creation}.


  • Pattern is written for 1 size.
  • Number after period (.) at the end of rows is the stitch count; 8 sts. This means the row just completed should have 8 stitches.
  • If no stitch count is given at the end of row, stitch total did not change from previous listing.
  • PM as instructed for identification│future stitch placement│reference.
  • No buttonholes are specifically created, use space between dc stitches.
  • Sample shown is exactly as written with no alterations to pattern.
  • Sample shown was lightly blocked without stretching│pinning; laid flat and steamed to relax stitches.

◊ pdf provides stitch diagrams for exact button placement and space used as buttonholes

Young lady wearing red dress and the Amarillo crochet cowl.


Ch – chain

Dc – double crochet

Hdc – half double crochet

PM – place marker

Rem – remain(s)(ing)

Rep – repeat

RS – right side

Sc – single crochet

Sp(s) – space(s)

St(s) – stitch(es)

Yo – yarn over (hook)


Adjustable ring‭ ‬Leaving a tail of approximately 10” [25.5 cm], make a small ring│circle (approx. 1” [2.5 cm] diameter), using tension hand, with thumb and middle finger, pinch ring│circle at overlap to keep the yarn from shifting, having working yarn in front, insert hook through ring, draw up a loop, chain 1. Begin pattern. {see videopicture tutorial}.

PM (place marker) Place marker in│around│through stitch just made or as instructed.

Stacked dc (Stacked double crochet) Sc in indicated st, insert hook from front to back in leftmost back vertical bar of sc just made, pull up a loop, yo, draw through 2 loops on hook. You may replace this stitch with traditional ch 3 if desired. {refer to video tutorial}

◊ pdf provides complete Stitch Diagrams

Model in red dress and fringed crochet cowl holding a chicken.




Make adjustable ring {see Special Stitches above}.

Back view of young lady wearing the Amarillo crochet cowl.

Row 1(RS) (Stacked dc {see Special Stitches above}, 4 dc) in ring, pull tail to tighten, leaving enough slack to add fringe if desired, PM through body of any stitch of row just created to mark RS, turn. 5 dc

Row 2‭ ‬Ch 1, sc in first dc, *ch 1, sc in next dc; rep from * across to end, turn. 5 sc, 4 ch 1

Row 3‭ ‬Stacked dc in first sc, 2 dc in each ch-1 sp across to end, dc in last sc, turn. 10 dc

Row 4‭ ‬Ch 1, (sc, ch 1, sc) in first dc, *ch 2, sk 2 dc, sc in space between dc just skipped and next dc; rep from * across until 3 dc rem, ch 2, sk 2 dc, (sc, ch 1, sc) in last dc, turn. 7 sc, 2 ch 1, 4 ch 2

Row 5‭ ‬Stacked dc in first sc, 2 dc in ch-1 sp, 2 dc in each ch-2 sp across, 2 dc in ch-1 sp, dc in last sc, turn. 14 dc

Rows 6–43‭ ‬Rep Rows 4–5, alternately. 90 dc

Gauge Check

After completing Row 8, Cowl should measure approximately 4” [10 cm] in height at deepest point, with no blocking.


Row 44‭ ‬Ch 1, sc in first dc, PM in sc just made, *ch 2, sk 2 dc, sc in space between dc just skipped and next dc; rep from * across until 3 dc rem, ch 2, sk 2 dc, sc in last dc, PM in sc just made, turn. 45 sc 44 ch 2

Model in red dress and fringed crochet cowl holding a chicken.

Row 45│‭ ‬Stacked dc in first sc, 2 dc in each ch-2 sp across, dc in last sc, turn.

Rows 46–55│‭ ‬Omitting markers, rep Rows 44–45, alternately. 90 dc

Row 56│‭ ‬Ch 1, hdc in each dc across to end. 90 hdc

Fasten off.


Lightly wetsteam block to measurements {see Finished Measurements above}, if desired.
◊ pdf includes schematic

FRINGE (optional)

Each fringe shown consists of 4– 9” [23 cm] lengths of yarn; 45 total fringe.
Add 1 fringe to front point in space of adjustable loop, tighten loop to close. Add 1 fringe in the side edge of each first and last sc on even rows, beginning with Row 2 through Row 44 (marked). 
◊ pdf provides diagram for exact fringe placement


With RS facing, using needle and matching yarn, sew buttons to body of 2nd dc of Rows 47, 51, and 55.
◊ pdf provides diagram for exact button placement

Remove markers.
Weave in ends. Steam fringe, if desired.


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