Hey, ya’ll!

I’m Rebecca, this is my site and I’m so very glad you’re here. A little about me:

The crafty details: Growing up, both of my grandmothers crocheted and knit and my mom was a skilled seamstress and all-around crafty. Handmade is in my blood. My Grandma taught me to crochet when I was young and I fiddled with it off and on. As an adult, I picked it up again and fell in love. I then learned to knit and spin, too. I’ve been professionally designing since the early 2000’s. You’ve likely seen some of my work in magazines, books, on websites and for yarn companies. I’ve enjoyed every step of my journey and am thrilled that they have led me here.

The personal stuff: Mr and I have been married since our teen years. Both born and raised in the panhandle of Texas, although we now reside way down on the coast in Houston. We have 4 amazing kiddos, although they’re not so “kid” anymore. We successfully homeschooled 3 of them through high school and they are now away at large universities. The baby is still at home, completing his last year of high school and getting his associate degree from the community college at the same time. (Because I’m always asked, yes you can do that in Texas).

And a little about the site: This will be ever-evolving. I’ll likely show you renovations and DIY projects we do around the house. Probably some crafty things, too. I have a dog (Lucy) and a cat (Raven) and we are also long-term puppysitting (Mila) for my eldest son (you can find that story HERE); I can guarantee their appearances every now and again. And I’m sure I’ll share recipes with you here and there, too. I have a life of no sugar and very low carb (diabetic, boo). So, I change a lot of those delicious-looking recipes I find on pinterest {my Account} to make them edible for me. I eat following the plan of Trim Healthy Mama. If you’re looking to go no sugar and low carb, I highly recommend their books & way of food choices (plan cookbook1 cookbook2). To date, I have lost 25 pounds, and it continues to drop off weekly.
Yarn yarn yarn. There will be crochet and knit patterns, tutorials, techniques, and tips a-plenty. Free patterns as well as paid.

This site will have affiliate links and ads (disclosure). If you decide to click a link and make a purchase from an ad or a direct link I provide, I receive a nominal kickback from that company, at no cost to you. Even the smallest of purchases matter. Your support is what makes it possible for me to continue to offer patterns and grow this site. I’ve added my affiliate links below- also, did you know, ANY item you order from these links count, it does not have to be something I have recommended, just start from this link and then use the search function to find what you are needing to purchase. Dog food, pencils, and toothpaste, ya’ll, it all counts!

I’m very pleased you are here and so honored that you are spending a bit of your time with me.