Winter Legs, Knit

For many years, coming up on 10 actually, I have had a free knitting leg warmer pattern in the world: Winter Legs.

Winter Legs knit pattern, 2008

The yarn has since been discontinued and the picture was a pitiful one I snapped before the ends were even woven in. So I decided to do a little updating on it and “republish”.

As the days are beginning to get shorter and thoughts are wandering to fall and then the winter beyond, now seems like a good time to remind you:
there will be many (many) practices before the dance recital arrives and days of short skirts in the snow and countless renditions of the “leggings are not pants-or are they?” conversation.
Maybe you should add a pair (or 2) of Winter Legs to your tween’s wardrobe.

The Free Pattern is HERE


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