Shawl One free knit pattern – 1 Ball shawl

Blue and grey knit shawl on dress form

After posting the free knit shawl pattern for the MaryMary Shawl, it occurred to me that, while it is a fairly easy shawl to make, I wanted to offer one that is easier and faster, more beginner friendly.

blue grey shawl with mandala lion brand yarn on circular kitting needles

Shawls are such a great gift to give. They contain love in every stitch while providing a stylish warmth the recipient can wrap themselves in year after year.

This shawl is very easy and pretty quick. Fantastically transportable. I’ve chosen LionBrand’s Mandala yarn for the sample because the color changes built into the yarn add visual interest and oh-so-cute factor without any additional work. But, I encourage you to use any yarn in any weight and color you’d like.

Honestly, oooooh, I just had a thought!! this would be a fantastic scrap project!


blue grey knit shawl on dress form

shawl one

A free knit shawl pattern, by Rebecca Velasquez

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YARN: Dk weight (#3 light), 590 yds [539 m]; Shown: LionBrand Yarn Mandala; 100% acrylic; 590 yds [539 m], 5.29 oz [150 g]: 212 Spirit; 1 cake

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Lionbrand Mandala Yarn is simply fantastic, it is simply perfect for this Shawl One knit pattern, but the yarn is so versatile and comes in so many colors you can’t go wrong for your next project.

Mandala Yarn

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Other yarns to consider for your knit shawl pattern

If you’d like to make a solid colored shawl, and/or would like it to be a little larger than the sample- or, at just 40 yards shy, you could get 2 shawls out of 1 ball just pay attention to yard [m]/ weight usage as you work;


Red Heart, Comfort Sport
  • rvd icons 4Artboard 15 #3 | Sport Weight
  • rvd icons 4Artboard 15 100% Acrylic


LionBrand, Coboo
  • rvd icons 4Artboard 15 #3 | Light
  • rvd icons 4Artboard 15 50% Cotton | 50% Rayon from Bamboo
So Soft


Red Heart, It's a Wrap Hues
  • rvd icons 4Artboard 15 #2 | Sport
  • rvd icons 4Artboard 15 50% cotton | 50% Acrylic
NEEDLES: US 8 [5 mm] 22″ [56 cm] circular needle; circular needle is used to accommodate large number of sts. I can not find the exact needles I used for this project (I’m not alone, right? You lose them all over the house, too?), I recommend the sleek and super-pointy ChiaoGoo TWIST Red Lace Interchangeables 

NOTIONS: Tapestry needle, tape measure

GAUGE: Exact gauge is not crucial; to achieve measurements shown- 16 sts and 40 rows = 4″ [10 cm] in garter stitch pattern

FINISHED MEASUREMENTS: 86” [218 cm] wingspan x 17” [43 cm] deep at center


TECHNIQUES USED: cast on, k, yo, stretchy bind off method of your choice


K- knit

YO- yarn over


  • Shawl is made from center point to tips.
  • Stitched back and forth, in rows.
  • Optional: For a tidy edge, slip the first stitch of every row knitwise rather than knitting the stitch .


CO 7 sts

Knit 3 rows

blue grey knit shawl hanging
Pattern repeat

K2, yo, k across until 2 sts remain, yo, k to end.

Continue in pattern repeat until approx 45yds [42 m] remain, or size desired.

If using the mandala yarn, this is .4 oz [11.5 g]

Blue grey knit shawl on dress form




Bind off using the stretchy method of your choice.

As this shawl is a generous length and I did not want to interfere with the wonderful squish factor of the garter stitch, I did not block this piece.

Weave in all loose ends.

Did you enjoy the Shawl One Free knit pattern? For your next knit project try the Glaese Knit Sweater, link here.

Blue Grey Knit shawl on dress form


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I really do love to see them!

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A true beginner knitter pattern. Can you knit stitch? With just 1 cake of Lion Brand Mandala, you can make this striking shawl. #freeknitpattern #knitshawlpattern #beginnerknitpatter #easyshawlpattern

This Post Has 11 Comments

  1. Rebecca H.

    When working with Mandala yarn do you need to separate the colors to achieve the look in the picture? I’ve used the multiple color yarns in the past and never get the same outcome in the color blocking.

    1. Rebecca

      No separation necessary. I used 1 cake from end to end without cutting for this sample. The yarn is made in very long stripes.

      1. Rebecca H

        Thank you, can’t wait to get started!

  2. Marlee

    Does this shawl turn out asymmetrical or a triangle? Either way, I love the shape of it. Also this is probably so dumb but do you start the repeating pattern after you’ve knit your first three rows?

    1. Rebecca

      It is not asymmetrical, just a plain, regular triangle. Yes the pattern repeat row is after the first 3

  3. Sheila

    So what size does the one ball of mandala yarn go? Width and length? Just wondering if I should buy 2 cakes . Thanks

    1. Rebecca

      The sizing info is in the pattern portion of the post 🙂

      One ball gives FINISHED MEASUREMENTS: 86” [218 cm] wingspan x 17” [43 cm] deep at center

  4. Carolyn

    Do you start with the outside of cake of yarn or inside.

    1. Rebecca

      Hey Carolyn, Start on whichever end you’d like. 🙂
      The only thing you need to remember about using the mandala cakes when making a shawl is that whichever color you begin with is going to be at the starting (bottom) tip. The rows will be smaller which then means more rows will be in the beginning color, and as you go, the stripes will become thinner as they grow longer.
      I hope this is helpful!
      Oh!! Also, whichever color you end with is going to be the closest to your face, so consider that when deciding.
      Happy yarning!

  5. Elaine

    I love Mandella Yarn!!

    1. Rebecca

      Yes! The color changes are make it so easy and there are so many choices 🙂

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