RV is now Revel Crochet

The big move

I’m sure you’ve probably noticed the gradual shift of all things RVdesigns to Revel.

This has been a long time coming for me. A really long time. 

I would be so grateful if you spend a few of your minutes and give this post a read. It actually took me hours to write because I had to sit with myself and filter & edit to get through the yucky (& very emotional) bits to find the heart of what this is for me.
I appreciate you. 

behind the scenes

When I started this career, having a design published in a magazine was the cat’s pajamas. I was absolutely giddy the first time I received an acceptance for a submission. And it remained that way for several years. 
When I began, my 4 children were between 3-8 years old (they are 19-24, now).  

As time passed and the internet went from “ooo, look at this cool thing” to “Whoa! Look what can be done with this cool thing!”, the fiber industry started changing.
While this change was happening, I was a busy mom to 4 busy kiddos. 

Not only was I busy, I was very very reluctant to create this new “Blog” thing. And I’m just going to be completely honest with ya, it was 100% because of the way I viewed myself and my life. My body. Full on hated the way I looked. Also, there wasn’t a spare penny to be had, and all these people on the internet were so thin and had such beautiful homes and were so put together… there was not a chance I was going to make anything and then post a picture of me in it for the world to view.
Nope. Not happening. 
And it didn’t. 
With as much as I wanted to step away from sending my work to publishing companies, it was, at the time, the only way I saw that made it possible for me to make a little extra income.  
And there I sat, continuing to put my efforts into a dying process.

So, why am I telling you this and what does it have to do with a logo change?

Well, for me, it’s much much deeper than a graphic.
It’s the realization of dreams.

Yes, I know. That sounds so very dramatic.
But here’s my truth-

For at least the last 10 years, I have been dreaming | drawing | planning | swatching | stitching for collections. 
Just looking around my studio, I can visually, right now, from my desk, see pieces to 11 different collections. Yes, full collections. Some have more pieces than others, but all of them are 5 or more pieces that fit a theme. 

So why haven’t I ever done anything about it? 
Well, remember what I said before? 

Zero self-confidence. Not even zero, below that. Well into the negetaive.

Fast forward

So here we are, into today and now. 

Did I somehow find a way to love myself, my body and ooze self confidence?
Hahahaahaahaaa. No.

But I realized that I was exhausted.
At some point, never being enough wears you out. Even if the only person judging your worth is yourself. 

“and so by degrees — very gradually — I made up my mind” (thanks, Poe, for the perfect wording from The Tell-Tale Heart.)

I quit submitting to publications, and hoooo boy, this has been much harder than one would expect. The need for adding to our household income didn’t go away and an accepted design is the promise of a real paycheck. I still open and read the emails I get from magazines with their submission calls. Every single one. Every time I have to talk myself down and remind myself to trust that I can be successful on my own. 


The switch from my beautiful RV logo to this new, bold, diamond is a visual change from what was to what will be. 
The name change, too. 

Going from “RV designs” to “Revel” is more than wording.

It is a move from me, RV –  Rebecca Velasquez, working to a company’s idea for a magazine issue, to me, Revel –  REbecca VELasquez, creating the pieces & designs that *I* love and want to exist in the world. 

Cue the Revel Signature collection.

revel signature logo

Any time you see a pattern labeled as Revel Signature, that means it is something I created from my own, personal style book. 
As I’m growing in my business, I’m also growing in my life. Allowing myself to choose things because I genuinely like them. Maybe you’ve seen a tattoo or 2 or 10 show up? I enjoy them, so I’ve said yes to this gift to myself. No more am I picking clothes simply because something finally fit. No more picking a lipstick color because it allows me to not be noticed. I warned you, digging deep and being real.

Examples of some of the first in the signature line ↓

oh hey, its me!

Lady wearing grey tibbs crochet kerchief
Tibbs, Revel Signature collection

You might have also noticed there has been a significant increase in the number of photos of my face around here and on all the social media places. 
That’s because, well- I’m it. When you step away from publishing companies, that also means you’re leaving behind the lovely, professional models. So, I’m what ya get. I’m all I’ve got to show off my work. Occasionally everything aligns and I will be able to have my daughter show her lovely self, or if its something one of my sons enjoys, you might see them. But for the most part, it’s me!

but wait, there's more!

Now that I’m fully independent, I can do what I want!

I have been crocheting for pretty durn close to 40 years.
I’ve filed away a lot of good information in those years and now, I get to share it with you 💗

I’ve started a YouTube Channel and I’m working on tutorial and how to videos that will help you to build your skills!

so why does any of this matter?

I felt like it was time to address the changes. 

And more than anything, it’s important to me that you have an understanding of who I am, where I’ve come from, and why I’m here. 

I love to crochet. Love it. It’s what I do for work, it’s what I do for a hobby, and it’s what I do to relax. Love it.

I also teach crochet classes at my local yarn store on the weekends. 
Everyone teach one is the rule and I know that I’m faaaar into the double digits of personally teaching how to make loops with a hook. 

But here, on the internet, if I can help someone else to make a great hat for their loved one, or figure out a complicated stitch, or teach tricks to make them feel more confident in their creations… ← THAT! That is what I want to be a part of. That is why I am here and building Revel.

how you can help


There are several ways you can support me on this new path.

The most obvious, of course is to try out my patterns!
Typically, I’ll post patterns for free on my website (Yay! you’re Here!)
So, let’s talk about the site for a second- By visiting the site, and sticking around to work a pattern, you’re letting the internet masters know this website is interesting and has value. This is very important to the behind the scenes, technical, no fun side of a website and I am truly grateful for you being here.

Back to the free patterns on the site- Yes, there are ads. Free for you to receive the instructions to stitch an item in no way equals free for me to create the pattern and make it available to you. But that is a post for another day. The fact about the patterns on the site is that they always have complete written directions. 

– or –

You can choose to make a direct financial contribution by purchasing the pattern as a download pdf. For somewhere between (typically) $2-4, you will receive a linked pdf that is*:

  • Ad-Free
  • Written instruction – Fully written, line by line instruction (English, US terminology with imperial and metric measurements)
  • Stitch Diagrams – Complete illustration(s) of stitches│placement
  • Schematic – illustration(s) of shape│measurements & construction graphics
  • Illustrations – drawn graphics of special stitches
  • Interactive – Linked Video tutorial(s) │ resource information
  • Pictoral tutorial(s)

*each pattern is unique and may not require all information above.

I offer my patterns at these online shops for your convenience


It sounds super corny, but its true. 
I absolutely love love love seeing the items made from my patterns. Honestly. It is a joy that I can’t possibly describe. But you MUST tag me so I see your post. 
Besides putting a goofy grin on my face, every time you share on social platforms, it alerts your yarny friends to my existence. It also lets them know you enjoy what I have to offer and you saying that to your friends is value beyond measure. And I don’t just mean to the analytics and statistics & numbers. To me, personally. Telling the world that you trust me with your skilled hands and time is awesome, in the truest sense of the word.  

So please, please show me what you are making.

But it’s more than just tagging me. You don’t have to be making one of my patterns and giving a shout out. Just be there. When I post a story of yet another day behind the monitor or a picture of a failed idea, pop in with smile. Words of encouragement from my fellow yarnies is gold. This job is a solitary one. Remember that about all the designers, dyers and indie makers you follow on social platforms. Sometimes, I just need to hear some loving words, a little wave and a “Hi” can truly make my day. 

This is how and where you can find me around the internet

We learn so much when we are connected with  friends!

It's not me, its you.

It was a long post and I am filled with gratitude. More than I know how to express to you in a blog posting. 
You are the reason. If it was just about my love of crochet, I could fill every day with it and cover my people in all things yarn. But it’s so much more. I want to be here. I choose to be here, writing patterns, making tutorials and creating videos to further you in your crochet journey. 

Help me to better this site and pattern library by tagging me so that I know what you love.
Leave a comment about tutorials you’d like to see. Is there a specific stitch that doesn’t quite make sense? I’d love to help you work it out. Tell me. 

thank you

With so much love in my heart, I thank you.

handwritten signature by Rebecca

The latest free patterns

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