Okapi Crochet Shawl

Okapi Crochet Shawl Pattern

Back in December, I decided to host my very first mcal (mystery crochet along).

Have you ever joined a mcal? No? Okay, okay, it’s actually way more fun than it sounds. Here’s how it works:
1. Announcement is made by designer that they will be hosting a mcal and they give out the yarn details and verrry basic information of what the finished product will be (long shawl, using 3 colors of fingering weight, you’ll need XX yds/m of each color, crochet shawl pattern), but NO picture!!
2. “Clues” are then released on a set schedule. I don’t know why the word clue… I guess because a ‘mystery’. ? Anyway, what this actually is- a portion of the pattern that you will work over a period of time until the next clue release. The patterns are updated through Ravelry and so the new information is automatically added to your library.

Pretty simple, right? Yeah, kinda cheesy a bit, but what makes it so fun is community.

I have a group page on facebook, here. Have you joined in? You should!
This is where we chatted about our stitching, got opinions on color combinations, asked questions, and shared pictures of our progress.
It is so much more fun stitching along with a group of friends and everyone is working on the same thing.

So, back to the Okapi Shawl…
I had the pattern all written and diagrams made, and editing complete and a grand vision of gloriousness.

Yeah, um, well… that didn’t happen. Everything just kinda went sideways.

But, we’re here, now. I’m not going to dwell and mishaps and just move forward having learned a lot and knowing what better to do next time!

The mystery part of the crochet along has passed and I’m free to share all the pictures.

okapi crochet shawl pattern

This shawl uses 3 colors and would work great with either a fade, ombre or contrasting colors.
The sample is a bit in the middle. The center rusty red/charcoal fades beautifully into the brick colored, lace end, but the more solid end on the other side of the charcoal blend is more of a contrast with highlights of the rust/orange here and there. So mine is a contrasting fade? Lol. Is that a thing?

You can purchase the Okapi Shawl pattern for $3 on Ravelry and Etsy and LoveCrochet.

The pattern is an instant download. 20 pages. Ya’ll. Twen.ty. pag.es. So much went into making this.
With the download you will receive:

• WRITTEN PATTERN- English (US terminology)
• SCHEMATICS- illustration of shape/measurements at different points of progression
• STITCH DIAGRAMS- multiple illustration of stitches/placement
• TABLE- at a glance description of rows
• STITCH COUNT- number of stitch type at end of rows

Other Patterns to Try

Enjoy the textured open stitch, try these crochet patterns below

Okapi – Crochet Shawl Pattern

Okapi Shawl is worked tip to tip, increasing to center and decreasing to end using a light fingering/heavy lace weight yarn.

Project Level
Intermediate due to attention needed to detail, stitching is easy.

Techniques Used
Chain – Double Crochet – Dc3tog – Dc2tog – Stacked Double Crochet (Instructions included for special stitches)

Sizes Included
One Size
114” [289.5 cm] wingspan 21” [53 cm] deep at center

Materials Needed

  • 1028 yds [940 m] Total of fingering weight yarn, Color A 242 yds [222 m], Color B 406 yds [372 m], Color C 380 yds [348 m]; Sample yarn: Dragonfly Fibers, Djinni Sock, 420 yds [384 m] 80% Merino 10% Nylon 10% Cashmere goat
  • F/5 [3.75 mm] or size to obtain correct gauge
  • Tapestry needle
  • Locking stitch markers, 1 large, multiple small (as desired)
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Don’t have time to start a new project now? Hey, I totally get that. Use the image below to add to your Pinterest for later or queue it on Ravelry!

crochet shawl pattern

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