Measured Foundation Tutorial

Chain 425. Oh. Wow. I’m sorry, what?
And then you begin to think… maybe I don’t want to make this blanket all that much anyway. Counting all those chains… losing your place, getting interrupted, mind wanders from boredom, losing your place, AGAIN. Yikes!
What if I told you there is a better, easier, & faster way!?!

the details & materials

You are going to need a rulertape measure and a removable stitch marker.

the tricky bits

The only part of this tip thats a bit finicky is chain size. You must make certain that your chains are consistent in size. 
This is key. 

If the chains are off, the measurement will be off and then you’re in danger of not having enough chains. 

the best part

No more yelling at the family when they interrupt your foundation chain creating! 🤣
Seriously, it’s so nice to only have to count a small number of chains.

You don’t have to reserve this trick only for blankets, it can be used for any project that begins with a foundation chain. 


Measured foundation chain

A stitchtorial, by Rebecca Velasquez

Slip knot in grey yarn with red stitch marker.

Using yarn for project, make a slip knot, do not pull tightly closed, leave loose. Insert a removable stitch marker into the “knot” portion to keep it from getting too tight and to be used as an identifier after Row 1.

Crochet chain next to tape measure with crochet hook.

With the hook size needed for the project, make a length of chain approximately 6″ [15 cm].

Crochet chain next to tape measure with 4 inches marked.

Leaving a few chains at the beginning and a few chains at the end, measure 4″ [10 cm]. Ensuring that you measure complete chains, count the number of stitches inside the 4″ [10 cm]. 
shown 12 chains

White calculator on white background.

The Math
12 chains per 4″ [10 cm] = 3 chains per 1″ [2.5 cm]
(12 divided by 4 = 3)

Foundation chain start of 425. How many inches [cm] would this be?
425 needed divided by 3 per inch = 141.7″ [360 cm]
Always round UP.

142″ [361 cm]

Coiled length of crochet chain in grey yarn.

The beginning foundation chain will need to measure AT LEAST 143″ [364 cm] in length (approximate chain length needed, plus 1″ [2.5 cm]), with no stretching. This is absolute bare minimal, it is highly recommended to add an additional length (personally, I add 2 or 3″, because I’d much rather too many, than too few).

Small strip of crochet in grey yarn.

Row 1
Follow instructions for Row 1. 

You should have extra chains after completing your row.

Small strip of crochet in grey yarn.

Because the beginning slip knot was not tightened, you should now be able to “unchain”│pick out the unused chains, using the stitch marker to guide│help loosen the tail, if needed.

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Are you ready to take your new skill out for a spin?

Here is a free pattern to get you going. 


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