Mary Mary, many years in the making…. sorta

Recently, my little home office/studio space has undergone a transformation. I’ll get to writing that post soon…..

There was ripping out old wainscotting, retexturing walls, de-popcorning the ceiling, tearing out tile, staining concrete… whew! Mr and sons worked so very very hard on this for me, ya’ll. *sigh <3

All of this work meant taking every single thing out of the room and depositing it all in my living room, making me quite crazy.  Also giving me a great time to take stock in my stash and the files and baggies of partial bits ‘n pieces.

In the filing cabinet, I found this:

Yep, needles and everything. All the paperwork says I made this swatch in September 2011. Why didn’t I ever do anything further? Who knows, maybe… squirrel! Also, I uncovered a lone hank of sock yarn that I’ve been pondering what to do with- Serendipity. {See all my yarny finds and updates on instagram @RV.designs}

So, I read through my notes – use this yarn size, these needles (uh, yes, the ones in the bag), cast on this number, work these repeat rows. Cool, got it. Off I go. Only, I either misread my own pattern, or I forgot the wheres and whens from room A to room B and well, something completely new happened. *shrug.

So, while the original pattern, “Mary” isn’t what I’m giving you, something equally cute is on its way– “Mary Mary”

The yarn I am using {below}:

I’ll get the *new* pattern up just as soon as I have all the information worked out.

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