Sandra Dee – FREE knit hair tie pattern

Sandra Dee free knit hair tie pattern. Close up picture of lady with black hair tie

A new FREE knit pattern that is the sister to Oh Sandy, the FREE crochet version of this hair tie.


“I love this hair tie! Can you make a knit version?”

Thank you so much for reaching out and letting me know what patterns you’d like for me to create. Truly, I love hearing from you. 

Yarn choice

After I made the crocheted one for her, E asked for a few more and my intention was to make the next one in a cotton yarn. But I don’t have a cotton in stash that will suit her.
Knowing my daughter’s wardrobe, I knew the next hair tie would need to be black. Going through my stash, I was actually quite surprised by my lack of black yarn.  
Of the few I had to choose from, I went with the smoothest. This knit tie is made from 27 g, 63 yds [58 m] Lion Brand Wool-Ease, although any worsted weight yarn will work. 

Sister pattern, sister name

Because the crochet hair tie pattern is Oh Sandy (from the movie Grease), how could this one be anything other than Sandra Dee?

Another super easy knit?

Image of Blue and Gray Knit Shawl on Dress Form

Shawl One is another beginner friendly knit. It is also, garter stitch and uses only 1 ball of Lion Brand Mandala. {FREE pattern}

The skills you need

Sandra Dee is a very easy project.  

cast on – knit – knit front and back [see special stitches] – knit 2 together – bind off

No PDF at this time

Usually, I offer the option of purchasing my patterns in PDF form and they come with schematics and stitch diagrams and other goodies. I did not create one for this little accessory. I just didn’t feel the diagrams would be in high demand.
However, If I am wrong, and you would like for me to do so, leave a comment and I’ll get it made.

And now, the FREE knit Hair Tie pattern

The pattern

sandra dee

A free knit hair TIE pattern, by Rebecca Velasquez

Lady with black knit hair tie


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YARN: Worsted weight (#4 medium); 63 yd [58 m]
Shown: Lion Brand Yarn, Wool-Ease (80% acrylic 20% polyester; 197 yd [180 m] / 3 oz [85 g]); #black.

*Yardage given is for pattern as shown. Yardage will vary with lengthening/shortening or widening/thinning of hair tie.

NEEDLES: US 8 [5.0 mm]; or size needed to obtain gauge, although gauge is not crucial to this project

NOTIONS: Tapestry needle, locking stitch marker

For a complete list of all the tools/supplies I use, find it HERE (affiliate link)


Completing through Row 32 of pattern = 4” [10 cm] 


One size, with customization recommendations within pattern.


LENGTH: 22″ [56 cm] tip to tip.
WIDTH: 3 1/2″ [9 cm] at center, 4″ [10 cm] at widest point of tied ends




cast on – knit – knit front and back {see special stitches} – knit 2 together  {see special stitches} – bind off


  • Pattern is written in US terms.
  • Read through each line before beginning to avoid any confusion during stitching.
  • Refer to Special Stitches instruction as needed.
  • Hair tie is worked tip to tip.
  • Pattern is written for tie as shown, width customizations are written within the pattern.


Beg – begin(ning)

BO – bind off

CO – cast on

K – knit

K2tog – knit 2 together

Kfb – knit front & back

Rem – remaining

Rep – repeat

RS – right side

St(s) – stitch(es)

Tog – together


Kfb: Increase- knit into the front loop of stitch, without dropping the stitch off the needle, knit into back loop.

K2tog: Decrease- insert right needle into next 2 sts at same time, knit as one.


CO 2

Row 1: Kfb 2. – 4 sts

Row 2: Knit.

Row 3: K, kfb 2, k, PM in any stitch of row to mark RS. – 6 sts

Row 4: Knit.

Row 5: K, kfb, k 2, kfb, k. – 8 sts

Row 6: Knit.

Rows 7: K, kfb, k until 2 sts rem, kfb, k.

Row 8: Knit.

Repeat Rows 6 & 7 until you reach 16 sts.

Rows 16-18: Knit.

Row 19: Rep Row 7 – 18 sts

Knit every row until entire piece measures 6 1/2″ [16.5 cm], ending on wrong side.

Next row: K, k2tog, k until 3 sts rem, k2tog, k – 16 sts

Knit every row until entire piece measures 15 1/2″ [39.5 cm], ending on a wrong side row.


Narrow / Widen  Tie

To create a more narrow / wider end (decorative tail), Rep Rows 6 & 7 to desired width.

Lengthen / Shorten Tie

Determine total desired length.
Measure length of first decorative tail (before body decrease).
Multiply by 2. Subtract this number from Total desired length.
The answer is how long you will need to knit the body of the hair tie after the decrease.

Knit every row to length just determined, ending on a wrong side row.

Pattern continued

2nd "Tail"

Next Row (RS): K, kfb, knit until 2 sts rem, kfb, k. 18 sts

Knit until entire piece is 19 3/4″ [50 cm] long.

Next Row: K, k2tog, knit until 3 sts rem, k2tog, k. 16 sts

Next Row: Knit.

Continue in decrease pattern until 4 sts rem.

Next Row (RS): K, k2tog, k.
BO rem 3 sts.


Widened Tie

To decrease from a customized width, Rep 2 Decrease Rows {below} until stitch count reaches 4, then work Final Row {below}.

Decrease rows
Row 1 (RS):
K, k2tog, knit until 3 sts rem, k2tog, k. 16 sts

Row 2: Knit.

Final Row: K, k2tog, k.
BO rem 3 sts.


Weave in ends.

Wet block / steam edges if desired. •

sandra dee black knitted hair tie in women's hair

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Sandra Dee free knit hair tie pattern. Close up picture of lady with black hair tie

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