Kechie, crochet beanie pattern

the watchman with pizazz

When you want to make a tighter fit, watchman style cap, but are looking for something with a little bit of pizazz…. the Kechie crochet beanie is a great option.
Using just one skein of a bulky weight yarn, Kechie is a budget and time friendly project. Another thing about this crochet beanie that I really, really love is it’s simplicity. It’s easy to make. Once you have the stitch in down, you can work on this to the brim without too much worry. Speaking of this stitch…

Rebecca is wearing a golden hat made from the crochet pattern.
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keck collection

the Kechie beanie is part of the Keck Collection.
This group of 4 patterns is a celebration of the sc v-stitch. I absolutely love the way it looks, love the ease of stitching, love that it is detailed and lacy and yet somehow still a solid fabric. Truly a versatile stitch. 
• Keck Sweater
• Keccy Top
• Keclyn Shawl
• Kechie Beanie

All pieces of Keck Crochet Collection on a table.

When you purchase the Keck Collection at $8, you save 50% off of the regular price of the 4 individual patterns.

Kechie crochet beanie pattern

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Kechie crochet beanie pattern

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Kechie crochet beanie pattern

Kechie beanie yarn

I love this yarn more than I can say. It really is dreamy to work with. The alpaca gives it so much drape and luxury. 

King Cole Timeless Chunky
Fiber Content
– 90% premium acrylic, 10% alpaca
Amount – 164 yd [138 m]│3.53 oz [100 g]
Weight – #4 Medium│Worsted

“This truly beautiful yarn is made from the softest alpaca and premium acrylic blend. We’re completely smitten with Timeless Chunky’s beautiful vintage shades.” –

Kechie crochet beanie pattern

More patterns that will be great in this yarn (or already use it!)


The pattern is written for 1 size, to fit average teen│adult {See Finished Measurements below}. (◊ pdf includes schematic)

the skills you need

adjustable ring {video tutorial} {photo tutorial} – chain – single – slip stitch – blo – seaming

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  • SCHEMATIC – illustration(s) of shape │ measurements │ construction graphics*
  • ILLUSTRATIONS – drawn graphics of special stitches*
  • SIZING │ EASE CHARTS – tables to quickly determine sizing options*
  • TUTORIALS – picture │ written │ video instruction for specialty stitches*
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the pattern


A free crochet pattern, by Rebecca Velasquez

Rebecca is looking away, wearing a gold beanie made from the Kechie crochet pattern with buildings from city skyline in background.


Kechie crochet beanie pattern

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Kechie crochet beanie pattern

materials & tools

HOOK I [5.5 mm] and H [5.00 mm]; or size(s) needed to obtain gauge

YARN Bulky weight (#5 bulky)

amount totals 150 yd [138 m]

shown King Cole Yarns Timeless Chunky, (90% premium acrylic 10% alpaca; 164 yd [155 m]│3.53 oz [100 g]), 1 skein; Harvest

*Amount given is for hat as shownwritten. Yardage will vary with any alterations of pattern.

Kechie crochet beanie pattern

NOTIONS Removable stitch markers (2), yarn needle

For a complete list of all the tools & supplies I use, find it HERE .


4.5 sts and 10 rows = 4” [10 cm] in stitch pattern

Finished MEasurements

CIRCUMFERENCE 22½” [57 cm] unstretched; 28” [71 cm] stretched

HEIGHT brim to crown 8½” [21.5 cm]

Kechie crochet beanie pattern

Project Level



adjustable ring {Video tutorial} {Photo tutorial} – chain – single – slip stitch – blo – seaming

Side view of Rebecca wearing a gold beanie made from the Kechie crochet pattern.



Hat is worked in continuous rounds, top down with RS facing for every round, no turning, no joining at the end of rounds. The brim is then stitched and joined at same time. (◊ pdf includes complete stitch diagrams and schematic)


  • Pattern is written in US terms with imperial and metric measurements.
  • Yarn amount given is for hat as shown│written. Yardage [m] will vary with any alterations of pattern.
  • Read through each line before beginning to avoid any confusion during stitching.
  • Refer to Special Stitches instruction {below}, and Tutorial(s) as needed, and customizations {within pattern} if desired.
  • The Special Stitches instructions‭ ‬are detailed, written directions on how to complete specialty stitches as worked within this pattern (◊ pdf provides illustrations when needed).


  • Gauge information is given in Details {above} as well as within the pattern; verify that project matches given measurements.
  • While gauge is not crucial for this project, any deviation from gauge given will vary the size of hat created and the amount(s) of yarn used.
  • It is always recommended to make a swatch {in this case, work through Gauge check within pattern}; using same yarn as intended for hat; stitch, wash, and block a gauge swatch in the same manner you will be using for your hat to ensure fabric created is as desired and will result in proper measurements│size intended {refer to Swatch Guide for basics on proper swatch creation}.


  • Pattern is written for 1 size. 
  • Number after period (.) at the end of round is the stitch count; 8 sts. This means the round just completed should have 8 stitches.
  • If no stitch count is given at the end of round, stitch total did not change from previous listing.
  • PM as instructed for identification│future stitch placement│reference.
  • When working into a V-st, work around the chains, encasing the ch.
  • To alter the height, customization instructions are written within the pattern.
  • Sample shown is exactly as written with no alterations to pattern.
  • Model has head circumference of 21″ [53 cm].
Rebecca is turned away with hand on head, wearing a crocheted Kechie beanie.


Beg – beginning

Blo – back loop only

Ch – chain

Dc – double crochet

PM – place marker

Rep – repeat

Rnd – round

RS – right side

Sc – single crochet

Sl st – slip stitch

Sp(s) – space(s)

St(s) – stitch(es)

Yo – yarn over (hook)


Adjustable ring Leaving a tail of approximately 10” [25.5 cm], make a small ring│circle (1” [2.5 cm] diameter or so), using tension hand, with thumb and middle finger, pinch ring│circle at overlap to keep the yarn from shifting, having working yarn in front, insert hook through ring, draw up a loop, chain 1. Begin pattern. {see Video tutorialPhoto tutorial}.

PM (place marker) Place marker in│around│through stitch just made or as instructed.

V-st (v-stitch) (Sc, ch 2, sc) in indicated stitch or space.

Interlocking mattress stitch Refer to Photo tutorial.

Back ridge Rather than working under the top loops or ‘V’ of foundation chain, turn chain upside-down, insert hook under the single strand of yarn that is bump│ridge-like in appearance, work stitch as normal (◊ pdf includes illustration).

Rebecca is smiling, wearing a gold beanie made from the Kechie crochet pattern.



(◊ pdf includes stitch diagrams and schematic)

Make adjustable ring {see Special Stitches above}.

Rnd 1 12 sc in ring, pull tail to tighten, PM {see Special Stitches above} in body of any stitch of rnd just created to mark RS, do not join, do not turn. 12 sc

Rnd 2 V-st in first sc, PM in first sc of v-st just made to mark beginning of rnd, move marker up with each rnd, sk next sc, *v-st in next sc, sk next sc; rep from * across, do not join, do not turn. 6 v-st

Rnd 3 *V-st in v-st, sc in space between last sc of v-st just made and first sc of next v-st; rep from * across, do not join, do not turn. 6 v-st, 6 sc

Rnd 4 *V-st in v-st, v-st in sc; rep from * across, do not join, do not turn. 12 v-st

Rnd 5 V-st in each v-st across, do not join, do not turn. 12 v-st


Hat should measure approximately 4” [10 cm] in diameter, with no blocking.

Rnd 6 Rep Rnd 5.

Rnds 7-10 Rep Rnds 3-6. 24 v-st


Rnds 11-21 {see Customization below} Rep Rnd 5.

Customization If desired length for Hat is shorter│longer than stated, work fewer│more rows for repeat. This will result in less│more yardage being used.

Rnd 21 Rep Rnd 5, sl st to first sc of first v-st of rnd to join, do not turn

Side view of Rebecca wearing a gold beanie made from the Kechie crochet pattern.


Using H [5.0 mm] hook

(◊ pdf includes stitch diagrams)

Row 1 (RS) Sl st to first sc of first v-st, ch 6, sl st in back ridge {see Special Stitches above} of 2nd ch from hook and each ch across, join to body of hat with sl st in ch-2 sp of same v-st, turn. 5 rib sl st, 2 join sl st

Row 2 Sk joining sl st, sl st in blo of each sl st across, turn. 5 sl st

Row 3 Ch 1, sl st in blo of each sl st across, join to body of hat with sl st in 2nd sc of same v-st, turn. 5 rib sl st, 1 join sl st

Detail of the ribbing on gold Kechie crocheted beanie.

Row 4 Sk joining sl st, sl st in blo of each sl st across, turn. 5 sl st

Row 5 Ch 1, sl st in blo of each sl st across, join to body of hat with sl st in ch-2 sp of same v-st, turn. 5 rib sl st, 1 join sl st

Row 6 Rep Row 4.

Row 7 Ch 1, sl st in blo of each sl st across, join to body of hat with sl st in 2nd sc of same v-st, turn. 5 rib sl st, 1 join sl st

Row 8 Rep Row 4.

Row 9 Rep Row 3.

Row 10 Rep Row 4.

Repeat Rows 5-10 around.

Leaving a tail of approximately 10” [25.5 cm], fasten off.


With yarn needle and long tail from fasten off, sew first row of ribbing to last row using interlocking mattress stitch {see Photo tutorial}.

Remove marker(s).

Block to measurements {see Finished measurements above} if desired.

Weave in ends. 


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Kechie crochet beanie pattern

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Rebecca is smiling, wearing a gold beanie made from the Kechie crochet pattern.

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