Design Diary

If you’ve ever been curious about what goes into making a pattern, the “behind the scenes” of it all, I’ve decided to start a design diary. A journal. I’ll be chronicling the day to day.

One of the things that led me here is Instagram [@RevelYarn]. I have an unhealthy lovehate relationship with the app. 
I love to see all the great stitching from everyone and I actually enjoy posting & sharing but I really hate that it requires I post every day to stay relevant (in their eyes). 

The truth is, yes, I work everyday. But sometimes that work isn’t something that is picture quality. Somedays, I’m at the computer from 5am- when I get Mr out the door, until 5pm- when he returns. And often (who am I kidding? almost always) even further into the evenings. Then there’s also the nature of my work- there are many projects that take days to stitch. Do ya’ll really want to see that I only progressed 3 rows on this cardigan today? lol.
So when you put the algorithm of post everyday vs real life of computer and stitching on the same piece for a week or more, it makes me feel a little… Useless? Unproductive? Ugh, Unworthy?

enter, journaling

So I have this idea that writing entries would be a benefit to myself and also might be fun for you to see the inner workings of my world and to know the stories of where names come from and any goofy little tidbits that happen along the way.  

I’ll update this page with new journaling pages as they are made. I’ll be updating the journaling pages as I go along in process of designs. There will also be a link to the design journal on the pattern pages. 


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It is truly a gift to me that you are here. I love what I do and am honored that you are spending your time with me on this journey! 😁

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