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Hello, again! Are you getting started on a Splitter cowl? 

Its such a relaxing knit, I so hope you enjoy it.


Yarn thoughts

Sometimes its a bit harder to create a piece when you have a very specific idea of what you want it to become. I knew that this cowl needed to be super soft & luxe. But I also don’t want my pieces to be a “one day” project. 
You know the ones – “one day” when you learn this very complicated double-half-back-triple twist stitch maneuver or “one day” when financials are in such abundance, spending money on uber fancy yarn is something that won’t make you nauseous.
Obviously the fiber content had to contain alpaca, thats the feel I wanted- both physically and look. And when alpaca is involved, the price goes up…. except in the case of 2 yarns that I have experience with. 

Lion Brand Touch of Alpaca
King Cole Timeless Chunky

Because //luxe// was the end goal, King Cole Timeless Chunky was definitely the answer.
Chunky = extra squish and lushishness. 


I ended up with quite a long swatch before landing on the size 15 [10.0 mm] needles. Surprised by the size, I think I initially began with an 11… anyway, the 15 is what produced the super soft look I wanted. 

My original swatch was a 2×2 ribbing, and I liked it well enough, but I didn’t LOOOOVE it. Ya know? 

Moved up to a 3×2 and *disco 🪩*!

cast on

Did the math from my swatch then used my favorite stretchy cast on– the German Twist

Off and running 🏇

Ready for some easy stitching. Mr and a son are working on cars so I’ve got the house mostly to myself. Going to see how far I can get & film a bit of it for instagram (everything is content!). 

Day 2

Well, that’s it. Only 2 knitting sessions worth. Finished up the remainder of the knitting while chit-chatting on the phone with my dad. Will be binding off in my favorite stretchy bind-off.
I don’t know a name for it? I learned it a long time ago and I don’t remember where. So if you know what it’s called, please leave a comment so I can add the information to the pattern. Directions are in the pattern post.

the name

Normally the stories of where names come from on my patterns are fairly silly– me using mixed up letters of common names or objects around me. Well, this one is a bit different. 
I was planning a collection. I wanted to create a set of patterns that all fit together, within a theme and release them all at once and be …. well, a collection.

But, the time it takes to get each individual piece put together just so and trying to get it all done with only myself and Mr… it wasn’t working out as quickly and smoothly as I had hoped. 


Each piece that was going to be a part of the “Industrial Collection” will be released individually. But I’m keeping the names that I had originally chose for them. Each name is a bit or bob or process that happens in an industrial setting. 

No audiobook while stitching this time, but if you’re interested in previous listens:

The list of books I’ve listened to lately (this is not even close to being complete- I’ve only recently started to keep a list. I’ll update the past books as I can.)

Behind the screen

Writing knit patterns is not my strength. Even with as simple as this one is, I fret & worry about every detail. Got it done and off to the tech editor. 

Now to do all the listings in all the places for all to see this new thing I have put into the world.

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I hope you have enjoyed this journal page for Splitter. It’s been fun for me to write out the process. 


As these journal entries are created, I’ll be indexing them for ease in searching. You can find that page here: 


thank you


I need you to know how amazing it is for me that you are here. Truly, it is the reason I do what I do- and now you get to read all the details! 😁

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