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Welcome back to my journaling of crochet design.

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2012 version in Patons Grace


I started my series on Design Journaling after this design was already in progress.

Because of that, I don’t have exact information of what happened on specific days. So we’ll just wing it and chat a bit. 


Way back, and I mean really way back in 2012, I proposed this hat to a publication (that’s how this business was run back then). 
The design was accepted “with changes”. And that’s fine. Happens(ed) all the time. I made the changes and a similar pattern was published.

I held on to the original sample I made to pitch my idea because I still liked the original idea of the chevron stitching at the bottombrim of the hat. 

All these years later, this hat finally is going to be real because I was an ambassador for King Cole Yarns for a while. They sent me yarns to try out and design with when I felt inspired. It was a fun experience.

Anyhow, back to the hat- One of my packages from King Cole had 2 small skeins of Finesse, a grey and tan. 

They set on my desk for a bit while I pondered what they should be, knowing it would need to be a smaller item because it wasn’t much yardage. And then, suddenly, this hat entered my mind and it was obvious.

making nollis

This hat was pretty straightforward in it’s making. 
I had to fiddle a time or two to get a nice center for the stitching to be able to repeat into easily. But after that, easy sailing. 
Fast, too.

name it

I, again, chose the oh-so-complicated method of “what’s in front of me” when naming this beret. 
I looked around and on my computer screen, I see the beautiful face of my friend, Allison (of As is my usual, I played around with the letters and Nollis is the new hat. 

I’m part of a coworking group and we get together on zoom multiple times a week and get our work done. Together, but in our various cities. The accountability is fantastic and I love getting to hang with my crafty-maker-ladies 🥰

the book

Jack Reacher, still? again?

Through the stitching of the beret, I had Echo Burning in the earbuds. It is book5 in the Jack Reacher series. I started listening to them because Mr wants to watch the new tv series… but I’m one of //those// people. If its a book first, I want to read the book first. 

The list of books I’ve listened to lately (this is not even close to being complete- I’ve only recently started the list. I’ll update the past books as I can.)


Audiobooks is a big part of my day to day.  Especially when I’m stitching and even more so when I’m working on something like Nollis because I don’t need to be writing as I stitch. So I go through a lot of books.
I did a bit of research before joining the membership. Audible turned out to be the best in selection not only in books but they also have loads of podcasts. It’s also instant and if you’re like me and want to immediately jump into the next book in your series, this matters. And the biggest thing is that it is the most economic. Even if I run out of book credits for the month, there is always something for me to listen to, because there are loads of “audible originals” (they’re free) and again, the podcasts (also free).

As I continue with the Journaling posts, the book I’m listening to will almost definitely be a part of the story. 

in front of the screen

Write, write, write

It didn’t take a lot of time to write out the pattern. And I’m grateful for that, because I’m also working on the writing of a sweater right now. 
The real task is in getting the pattern input into all the places. I try to use several platforms because I know each has quirks and I want my patterns to be accessible to all my yarny friends at their preferred places. 

Women showing Nollis crochet beret; free pattern

I hope you have enjoyed this journal page for Nollis. Although this particular entry is a bit boring, as I continue to create patterns with the new feature of documenting the process in mind, there will be more detail and fun bits of information. 


As these journal entries are created, I’ll be indexing them for ease in searching. You can find that page here: 


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