Hatrick; a bulky weight, knit-look crochet hat pattern

the look

So, you want a knit cap, but aren’t a knitter. Let me introduce you to this fun little stitch and the Hatrick Crochet Cap.
Oh, and by the way, there’s nothing wrong with preferring the “look” of knitting over crochet for some projects. 

This hat is made using a stitch of many names:

  • Waistcoat Stitch
  • Russian Cross Stitch
  • Knit Stitch
  • Center Single Crochet

Whatever you choose to call it, I just call it fun! It’s a great stitch to add to your skill set and it’s a little like magic to say, “No, it’s crochet.”

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The sizes available

The Hatrick Crochet (but it looks like knit) Cap is written for 1 size to fit the average Teen│Adult. There are instructions for making it shorter│longer written within the pattern.

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about the yarn

If you, like me, tend to avoid bulky yarn because of the stiffness and heaviness that is often the result, I recommend you give hue + me a try.

This yarn is produced by Lion Brand, but is designed by Alexandra Tavel, a lovely knit and crochet designer. The blend of 80% Acrylic 20% Wool is wash & dryable. 

The wool adds a nice squishy factor to the yarn that keeps it from being a hefty, unmovable fabric.
Also, the colors it comes in…. dreamy, all matching, subtle and gorgeous.
shown right: Love Song & Werewolf

Lion Brand hue + me

The skills you need

Making this hat is fairly simple, once you understand the stitches involved.

chain – foundation single (photo tutorial) – center single – together

Prefer a download? need stitch diagrams?

This post for the Hatrick crochet cap has complete directions – or – you can further support this website (& me!) and inexpensively purchase the pattern as a download.
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  • Schematic – illustration(s) of shape│measurements
  • Tutorials – picture│written instruction for specialty stitches
  • Interactive – Linked Video tutorial(s)│resource information
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the pattern


A free crochet pattern, by Rebecca Velasquez


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YARN Bulky weight (#5 bulky); 90 yd [83 m].

Shown Lion Brand Hue + Me, (80% premium acrylic 20% wool; 137 yd [125 m]│4.4 oz [125 g]), 1 skein; Werewolf

*Amount given is for hat as shown│written. Yardage will vary with any alterations of pattern.

HOOK M│N – [9.0 mm]; or size needed to obtain gauge

NOTIONS Stitch markers (1), yarn needle

For a complete list of all the tools & supplies I use, find it HERE .


6 sts and 9 rows = 4” [10 cm] in pattern, unblocked; more gauge information given within pattern.

Finished MEasurements

CIRCUMFERENCE 22” [56 cm] unstretched; 26” [66 cm] stretched

HEIGHT brim to crown 8” [20.5 cm] 

Project Level



chain – foundation single crochet (picture tutorial) – center single – together




  • Pattern is written in US terms with imperial and metric measurements.
  • Pattern is written for 1 size.
  • Yarn amount(s) given is for hat as shown│written. Yardage [m] will vary with any alterations of pattern.
  • Read through each line before beginning to avoid any confusion during stitching.
  • Refer to Special Stitches instruction {below}, and Tutorial(s) as needed as needed.


  • Hat is worked in continuous rounds; bottom up. 


  • Hat is worked in a continuous round, spiraling from one round to next, not joining.
  • Hat is worked with RS facing for every round, do not turn after rounds.
  • PM as instructed as a visual reminder of first st of Rnd.
  • To alter the height, instructions are written within the pattern.
  • Number after period (.) at the end of rounds is the stitch count; 12 sts. This means the round just completed should have 12 stitches.
  • If no stitch count is given at the end of round, stitch total did not change from previous listing.
  • Special Stitches instructions‭ ‬are detailed, written directions on how to complete specialty stitches as worked within this pattern.
  • Sample shown is exactly as written with no alterations to pattern. Model has head circumference of 21” [53 cm].


Ch – chain 

CSC – center single 

Fsc – foundation single

PM – place marker

Rep – repeat

Rnd – round

RS – right side

Sc – single crochet

St(s) – stitch(es)

Tog – together

Yo – yarn over (hook)


-For hatrick crochet cap

Fsc (foundation single crochet) Ch 1, insert hook into back ridge of ch, pull up a loop, yo, draw through 1 loop (1 chain made), yo, draw through 2 loops on hook (first foundation single crochet made), *insert hook under the 2 bottommost horizontal bars of the chain just made, pull up a loop, yo, draw through 1 loop (1 chain made), yo, draw through 2 loops on hook (second foundation single crochet made); rep from * totaling number of foundation sts required. Picture Tutorial

PM (place marker) Place marker in stitch just made or as instructed.

CSC (center single crochet) From front to back, insert hook through the center of the indicated stitch, piercing between the front “legs” rather than under the top 2 “V” loops, pull up a loop, yo, draw through both loops on hook.

CSC2tog (center single crochet 2 together) Insert hook through first csc indicated, pull up a loop, insert hook into next csc indicated, pull up a loop, yo, draw through all loops on hook.


Set up Leaving a beginning tail of approximately 10” [25.5 cm], fsc {see Special Stitches} 36, PM in first fsc of rnd, move marker up with each rnd, being careful not to twist foundation row, with RS facing, bring first fsc made to meet last, do not join. 36 sts

Foundation row should measure approximately 18” [46 cm] in length, unstretched.

Rnd 1 Csc {see Special Stitches} in first (marked) fsc, csc in each st around to marker.

Rnds 2-9 {see Customization below} Csc in each st around.

Hat should measure approximately 5” [13 cm] in length.

Customization If desired length for Hat is shorter│longer than stated, work fewer│more rows for repeat. This will result in less│more yardage being used.


Rnd 10 Csc in first st, csc in next 3 sts, csc2tog {see Special Stitches} over next 2 sts, *csc in next 4 sts, csc2tog over next 2 sts; rep from * around to marker. 30 csc

Rnd 11 Csc in each st around to marker.

Rnd 12 Csc in first st, csc in next 3 sts, csc2tog over next 2 sts, *csc in next 3 sts, csc2tog over next 2 sts; rep from * around to marker. 24 csc

Rnd 13 Rep Rnd 11. 

Rnd 14 Csc in first st, csc in next 2 sts, csc2tog  over next 2 sts, *csc in next 2 sts, csc2tog over next 2 sts; rep from * around to marker. 18 csc

Rnd 15 Rep Rnd 11. 

Rnd 16 Csc in first st, csc2tog over next 2 sts, *csc in next st, csc2tog over next 2 sts; rep from * around to marker. 12 csc

Rnd 17 Csc2tog over first and next st, *csc2tog over next 2 sts; rep from * around to marker. 6 sts

Fasten off, leaving a long tail.



Remove marker.

Using long tail from fasten off, with yarn needle, weave end through each stitch on final row, cinch tightly closed. Weave through all stitches once more to secure crown closure, weave in end.

Using long tail from Set up row, with yarn needle sew small seam between first and last stitch of that row, weave in end. 

Lightly block to measurements {see Finished Measurements above}, if desired.
Weave in ends.

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