Free Crochet pattern – Cascade Falls

Finally, finally starting to get patterns from my head and into stitches! 
This is one that I have wanted to do for a long time, but it just never found its way to the front… Until NOW! 

Even though I’ve been making an effort (umm, somewhat) to use yarn from stash, I knew when I decided to make this, the yarn would have to be a new purchase because I’m also making an effort to start crocheting things for myself. With this in mind, the vest has to accommodate the weather here. Ya’ll know I live in Houston, right? A little thing people don’t know about Houston- it’s consider “sub-tropical” and ya’ll, that means it’s hot. Not just gets a little warm in the summer, it’s like, H-O-T. 90% of the year- oh and humid. So, a natural fiber/blend is necessary.

Also, the “waterfall” front of the vest requires a lighter weight yarn to allow for great drape.

And, I’ve got 4 kids in college, ya’ll. I must be financially conscience all of the time. I needed this to be inexpensive.

The cakes of this “It’s a Wrap Rainbow” have great yardage and the color blending is too much fun.

This vest uses 2 cakes. I chose ‘Couture’ because it matches my wardrobe.

The way you create this vest is by starting in the center, crocheting to the right, rejoining in the center with the 2nd cake of yarn and crocheting the left side. 

That is the magic behind getting the colors to perfectly mirror. 

You can also see that the back has a different, but matching stitch pattern than the front. 

A few reasons for changing up the stitch pattern-

Remember I told you it’s hot here? I wanted the back to be a little more open to keep this layering piece comfortable enough to be worn during the summer. 

Also, having the back in this open stitch pattern means using less yarn, keeping the need at 2 cakes. 

I wanted the fronts to have just a touch more weight to them for the drape. This entire piece is designed around the front ‘waterfall’. 

But where oh where is the pattern, you ask!

I am the featured Guest Designer over at JoyOfMotionCrochet How exciting is that?!
She has some truly great designs over on her site, when you’re there, please make sure to peek around. 

The pattern in the link has complete directions for FREE 
– or –
you can inexpensively purchase the pattern HERE (Etsy) or HERE (LoveCrochet) and you will receive an ad-free pdf download, which includes:

  • Fully written, line by line instruction
  • Complete Stitch diagram(s)
  • Schematic with measurements
  • Diagram for shoulder construction
  • Customization instruction for short, mid, and long length.

SHOW IT OFF! Tag @RV.designs (instagram) and use this hashtag to share your progress and fabulous new vest!


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