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These printable blocking grids are the companion to Stitching A Blizzard, a year of monthly released, free, crochet snowflake patterns {January 2022, Bentley Flake pictured below}. #StitchingABlizzard

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Okay, what is a blocking grid and why is it needed? 

Blocking is “to mold or form into a shape.”

These blocking grids are made specifically for the snowflakes of Stitching A Blizzard. They have a diameter of 8″ [20.5 cm]. There are interior lines radiating out from the center at 1/2″ [1.25 cm] intervals. They also have dividing lines. One is marked for 4│8 points and the other grid is marked for 6│12 points. The different lines are meant to be used as a guide for easier blocking. 

As you can see in the pictures below, blocking is a necessity when it comes to crocheted snowflakes. They are a curly, unruly, mess until properly ‘set straight.’ 

Bentley snowflake crochet pattern
Bentley flake snowflake
Blocked & Starched
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Join in on the fun! Crochet-A-Long with a group of us through facebook: StitchingABlizzard. Here, we are showing off our snowflakes, sharing our wins & failures, asking & answering questions, giving advice and lots of Ooos and aaahs over everyone’s creations.


For the complete list of snowflake patterns, go HERE.

Coming Soon: Starching recipes and instructions.

Bentley snowflake crochet pattern grid tool

SNOWFLAKE Blocking Grids

To prepare grids for use:

  • Print grid appropriate for number of points on flake to be blocked. Print As-Is, do not make any adjustments to sizing or that will change the measurements of the radial lines and overall diameter. Grid will print to 8″ [10.5 cm].
  • “Water Resist” grid. This can be done by either having it laminated (typically stores like FedEx (used to be Kinko’s), Staples, or teacher supply stores can do this for a small fee), or you can do it at minimac
  • home covering both sides with clear packing tape {as in sample, above}.
  • Cut out grid along outer line.

You will also need a surface to pin into.

I use these foam blocking boards. There are less expensive playmats that will work as well (they are a bit thinner and don’t have the grid lines for future projects, but are made of the same material).
If you choose not to pick up blocking mats, you could use thick cardboard. Simply cut a square large enough for the grid to fit on. Go ahead and cut out multiples, because you’ll need to replace your blocking square every few flakes.
In a pinch, a folded towel covered in cling wrap will work, but a harder surface will be a bit less frustrating. 

Another item(s) you will need is rustproof Tpins. Oh my, you’ll need so many! Especially if you are blocking more than one flake at a time.

After flake has been prepared using your preferred stiffening method, making sure excess liquid has been squeezed out, center the flake onto the grid.

Gently manipulate it into shape.

Pin each point tautly to blocking board, using lines on flake grid as a guide, making certain to keep the flake symmetrical. Let dry overnight. Depending on stiffener used, the pins may need some convincing to be removed. A little tug and wiggle should do the trick.

Wipe pins and blocking board clean of stiffener.

Download the Free Snowflake Blocking grids


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