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Stitching a blizzard

Hello! Welcome to the master list of Snowflake patterns for #StitchingABlizzard

Through 2022, a new crochet snowflake pattern will be released every month.

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The story

There’s always a story- how did it get started?

In December 2021, when I started planning this, honestly, I was a bit naive about the entire process. 

The way it all began is with a new tree. We have had the same Christmas tree for at least 12 years. Going in and out of a box every year, it was looking a bit haggard. Also, we’ve moved (several times) and the 7ft beauty in our first home doesn’t fit the new vaulted (16-22 ft) ceiling of this house. So what once barely fit into the room, looked a bit shabby and out of place. Enter, the new monstrosity of a tree I thought would be a good idea.
My youngest and I were shopping at a thrift store and there it was. 14.5 feet tall and $50 bucks. You bet your little tushy I scooped that thing up!

Uhm. So, a 14.5 foot tree needs a few more ornaments than a 7 foot one. 😆
Very quickly into this process, I realized that maybe I didn’t think this all the way through.

Anywaaaaay…. while decorating (only the front because there were not enough to cover the back. lol), I started thinking about how we’ve used the same ornaments for at least 5 years and Ooooo wouldn’t it be fun to make some crocheted snowflakes?
I mean, I can crochet (& quite well, if you don’t mind me saying), so… why not design a few?!

As it turns out, there is a bit more to it than I had planned. 🤣  😂
I have already learned so much about the making and designing of snowflakes. There is much more to it than simply making pretty stitches in a circle.
Spacing, spacing, spacing! and getting them prepared for hanging (stiffening). I will be sharing all of this with you as I continue to experiment with a few more stiffening & starching recipes and methods. 

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Join in

Join in on the fun! Crochet-A-Long with a group of us through facebook: StitchingABlizzard. Here, we are showing off our snowflakes, sharing our wins & failures, asking & answering questions, giving advice and lots of Ooos and aaahs over everyone’s creations.


Coming Soon: Starching recipes and instructions.

For the FREE tutorial and printable to make your own blocking grid(s) as seen below, go HERE.

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