Adjustable Ring Tutorial – How to crochet Magic Ring

Step by step picture tutorial how to make the crochet adjustable ring - magic ring #adjustablering #magicring #crochettutorial

Adjustable Ring Tutorial – Adjustable Loop – Magic Circle – Magic Ring – Magic Loop

With so many names, it’s *got* to be hard to do, right?!?


This technique is the best way to start top down hats and mittens! It’s even the way I frequently begin shawls. 

My YouTube Adjustable Ring Tutorial video

Adjustable Ring

Begin by wrapping the yarn around your fingers with palm facing you, crossing the working yarn over the tail, creating a large ring.

Place your thumb at the crossing of the yarn, holding the ring in place.

Insert hook under the ring.

Pull up a loop.

At this point, working in the ring can get a bit fiddly. To fix this, I find it best to “set” my hands into my standard, crocheting position.

Transfer the ring to working hand, keeping yarn crossing held between thumb and finger.

Using working yarn, prepare tension hand in your standard position, ready for crocheting.

Transfer ring back to tension/holding hand.

Make a chain. 
1 for a row of single, 2 for double, 3 for treble… Your pattern will instruct you how many chains to make.

Working into the ring and around the tail, begin your stitching.

Shown – single crochet.

Create number of stitches as directed.
Shown – 7 single crochet

Holding last stitch worked, pull tail.
This will close the ring.

Ta-da! A hole-free start to your project.

If  there are a large number of stitches worked in the ring, and/or if the yarn is exceptionally thick, your ring may not close as completely as shown.

It will likely be necessary to retighten your ring before weaving in the tail when you complete your project.
Make certain to secure the tail well when weaving it in to ensure it does not loosen over time.

I hope this picture tutorial and the video helped you learn this new technique – Adjustable Ring.

Link to my YouTube channel is here and link to other Crochet and Knit tutorials here.  

Crocheting is a skill and like all things, it must be learned and practiced. It is not likely to be perfect your first try. Keep going. Give yourself a little bit of time and a wholotta grace. 

If there is something else you are wanting to tackle and would like for me to break it down into easy steps, let me know! I would love to help you with your next accomplishment. 

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Thank you so much for being here!

Try out this new skill with this crochet pattern below. 

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Step by step picture tutorial how to make the crochet adjustable ring - magic ring #adjustablering #magicring #crochettutorial
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